Joe Johnson

Strategic Technology Executive

Joe Johnson

Strategic Technology Executive

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William Buchaus

Joe was great to work with.. great humor and Mature beyond his years. If I was running a company of my own again I would search Joe out to work it with me.

Jeff Rooney

I recommend Joseph without hesitation, and especially applaud his ability to work under very tight deadlines. His expertise, focus, and creativity under pressure had made him a tremendous asset to our team.

Steve Obuchowski

Joe is a top-tier technology guru whose dedication to the profession ensures his performance reflects the latest industry trends and innovations.

Shane Cheary

In an IT environment where activities were more often dictated by changes in business direction than by internally driven initiatives, it was comforting to know that when I needed to provision infrastructure to achieve less visible but key internal goals Joe enabled it for me in quick-time.

When it is impossible to maintain a working day-to-day knowledge of other technology areas, it is important to be able to trust co-workers to collaborate and fill those voids. The wealth of knowledge that Joe possesses translated visibly to a sense of self confidence that I did – and would again – place my confidence in for that purpose. I always had a good sense that as long as I could communicate my software needs sufficiently well, Joe could help connect the dots into his technology area and find an appropriate solution.

In a oft-tense environment, I truly appreciated Joe’s can-do attitude and relaxed manner. Joe is a grounding influence. It is with no reservations that I offer this recommendation.

Nick Koularmanis

Joe is a smart and detail oriented manager. He technical abilities are wide and is always knows up and coming trends. He knows how to set goals and motivate everyone to meet those goals. He can recognize when a strategy is not working and is not afraid to change course. Above all he knows how to make a team happy and work hard together.

Zach Frazier

Joe has all the ingredients of a star player. His ability to adapt, ability to interact with clients, and raw talents makes Joe a very valuable asset. I’ve witnessed Joe’s technical abilities improve businesses operating efficiencies, sidestep unnecessary spending, and often save clients from critical downtime. His IT experience is matched by his management abilities and leadership potential. Joe is one of those star players you want on your team.

Rick Uppling

Joe is an extremely knowledgeable and effective manager of time, staff and resources of every ilk. As a technical supervisor he proves his worth with each challenge and is respectful and likeable without exception while being honest to the greatest extent possible in a corporate position of authority. Joe will definitely be missed by the entire crew at our office as well as at HQ and was a great blessing to grow to know over the period of time that he was employed at Compushare. It is simple to recommend Joe with no qualms whatsoever for any job he believes he could responsibly apply himself to.

Jamie Pechak

Joe is funny, warm, and brilliant. I’m scared that if I elaborate, he’ll get recruited elsewhere, so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

Sean Anderson

Joe was always a great resource to go to for knowledge and leadership. I would work with him anytime.