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MySQL Recovery for Plesk 8.x After System Crash

I checked and checked and couldn’t find a good answer to this question: how do I recover my MySQL databases for Plesk after a system crash if I don’t have MySQL-aware backups? BackupExec captures the .frm files and the InnoDB logs, but it can’t restore specific databases or tables, just the raw files. And if all you have is the raw files, you cannot restore just one DB. So, I figured what the hell, I’ll restore it all!

First, I stopped mysqld-nt on the server. Then, I restored all of my database folders and the InnoDB logs (for me, the contents of C:\Program Files\Parallels\Plesk\Databases\MySQL\Data). Finally, I started mysqld-nt and viola! All of my databases and users were restored to the system.

In theory, I could restore these files to another machine running MySQL for Windows of the same build as my live server, then run a MySQL backup (mysqldump, for example) and restore with more granularity, but I did not test this: YMMV. In this case, the whole shebang was gone, so I needed it all back.

Good luck!