Joe Johnson

Photoshop: A First Experience

Joe Johnson - 15/06/2010

I’m an old school Dreamweaver user. I’ve been using it since the Macromedia days, starting out with version 2 in high school. Because it always tightly integrated into their suite of applications, I never had need to dust off Photoshop because I had Fireworks. It always served its purpose, but when Adobe bought Macromedia back

Rename a Server Core Install or Hyper-V Host Computer

Joe Johnson - 18/05/2010

I recently needed to rename a Hyper-V server (which is essentially a server core install of Windows Server 2008 R2). It took so doing, but I found the command. [code]Netdom renamecomputer oldname /newname:newname /userd:someuser /passwordd:*[/code] Replace the computer names with valid ones and a domain admin user, and the command will prompt for your password.

Upload SQL Backup File via FTPS

Joe Johnson - 05/03/2010

Recently, a client was looking to backup the primary database for one of their acquisitions to their home office. Because of security concerns, they can’t combine the users on the office network with their corporate network until their team can fully integrate the systems, but a full, regular off-site backup is needed ASAP. Since the

Path to SQLCMD

Joe Johnson - 20/01/2010

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\SQLCMD.EXE

Nagios Alerts From Firefox

Joe Johnson - 09/07/2009

Throughout my day I need to monitor several different looking glasses at my system performance and availability. Not only do I have my distributed SmokePing machines feeding back to my Chicago monitoring server, I have several Cacti front-ends and a half-dozen Nagios boxes (including my internal and external machines and some virtual Nagios boxes we

Integrating MOSS 2007 and SQL 2008 Reporting Services

Joe Johnson - 08/07/2009

Recently, a customer was curious about implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 inside of their organization. While working with one of their external clients, they were exposed to the collaboration and versioning features of the software and were captivated by the simplicity of the software. As they are TechNet subscribers and Registered Partners with Microsoft,

Prepend “www.” to URL

Joe Johnson - 05/07/2009

Even the setup of this very blog was wrought with an un-documented issue with URL rewriting. Most SEO experts worth their titles know that Google and other search engines recognize “” and “” as two distinct sites and split your results and ranking between the two. The ultimate goal is to try and combine your